Chinese courses for all levels

The Chinese course at IQ is aimed at both beginners and those who already have experience with the Chinese language, specifically Mandarin. You can start your Chinese lessons at any time without any registration fee required. Step by step, this course covers the basics of the Chinese language and Chinese characters as well as teaching about the society and everyday topics. Dive into the rich world of the Chinese language at IQ.

Chinese courses for every need

Learning Chinese for beginners

Chinese for Beginners

Chinese for Beginners is a careful introduction to the Chinese language with its special tones. You will learn how to follow the essentials of conversations and engage in your own simple conversations relating to everyday situations. You'll also get used to what is at first an unusual way of writing. Over the course, you'll learn how to read short texts and even write your own simple messages. This Chinese course is the perfect way for all beginners to get their feet wet and offers the optimal preparation for travel to China, Taiwan, and other destinations in south-east Asia.

Learning Chinese for intermediate speakers

Intermediate Chinese

Have you mastered reading simple Chinese texts and can hold your own in simple conversations in Mandarin? Then the intermediate courses are perfect for expanding your language skills! The Intermediate Chinese courses expand your language skills comprehensively. You will learn to use the characters more intensively and practise your use of conversational Mandarin. You'll also learn the subtleties and tricks of the Chinese language.

Chinese for communication - Speaking & Listening

Chinese for Communication

Do you already know the basics of the Chinese language, but want to dive in even deeper? Chinese for Communication will give you the training necessary to be confident and secure communicating in Mandarin. You'll expand your vocabulary and your writing skills further and get to know important turns of phrase. You'll also practice speaking and listening. It will gradually become easier for you to follow conversations and discussions and even engage in a lively debate or two.

Learning Chinese for business

Chinese for Business

Chinese language skills are a major advantage for companies doing business internationally. In IQ's Chinese language courses, you will learn the specifics of Mandarin for business and practise what you've learnt. Whether communicating via email or telephone, solid Chinese skills lay the foundation for confident, successful communication. The focus in this course is on specific turns of phrase and the fine differences between everyday, spoken Chinese and the Chinese of the business world. In addition, you will practise these subtle, but crucial differences in both speech and writing. You'll always make a professional impression whenever it matters.

Learning Chinese to achieve language certificates

Certificate Courses

Necessary not only for study at a university in China, but also when applying for jobs in China: the Chinese certificate course prepare you reliably for the HSK exam. The HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) was developed in China in the 1990s and is being offered more and more frequently here in Europe. As the officially recognized Chinese test for non-native speakers, it is a prerequisite for admission to Chinese universities and is considered proof of qualification for Chinese employers.

IQ Chinese courses for all levels

IQ Chinese courses offer a pleasant atmosphere learning in small groups. But what exactly is Chinese? Almost a quarter of the world's population lives in China and they all speak Chinese. But Chinese is not Chinese. The Chinese or Sinitic language is divided into several dialects. Most scholars distinguish among 8 Chinese languages ​​or dialect groups: Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese, Min, Jin, Xiang, Hakka/Kejia, and Gan / Kan. The most common dialect is Mandarin with about 875 million speakers, this is the dialect taught in IQ's Chinese courses. In order to communicate in a country like China, it is, of course, not necessary to know every dialect. Mandarin is taught in every Chinese school. Chinese is a tonal language. The distinct tonal pronunciations give words that appear similar when transcribed into Latin characters very different meanings.

In a Chinese course, you will learn Mandarin from scratch and down to the finest intricacies of the language. That's why offer Chinese courses for different levels at IQ. In a Chinese course for beginners, you will first learn the peculiarities of Mandarin and be introduced to the tones. Once you complete the beginner's course, you will be able to understand and participate in simple conversations. You will also be able to write simple messages.

Then visit our Intermediate Chinese course to solidify and expand what you've already learnt. After Intermediate Chinese, you should be able to handle most situations in a Chinese-speaking country. The communication courses at IQ work on systematically expanding your vocabulary through intensive language training with discussions and dialogues and learning important turns of phrase. Conversations with locals will become easier and you'll understand much of what's going on around you. 

Chinese for Business shows you the linguistic differences between the everyday language and the language as used in the business environment. You will learn, for example, the correct wording to use in emails and the correct etiquette on a business call. In order to study at a Chinese university, a HSK certificate is required. The HSK is the officially recognized test for non-native speakers and a prerequisite to study at a Chinese university. The experienced instructors in IQ's Chinese courses can prepare you to sit the HSK. 

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