Dutch courses made-to-order

Want to study in the Netherlands or have frequent contact with Dutch business partners or simply find the language exciting? Then it's time for you to take a Dutch language course of IQ, where we work together with you on your specific goals. You're going to love your language course at IQ!

Dutch courses for every need

Learning Dutch for beginners

Dutch for Beginners

This course is aimed at people who need to reorient themselves to the nuances of the Dutch language. Since Dutch sounds so similar to German, it can often be confusing. This course will help you detect the differences in Dutch grammar and spelling. Through intensive training in the basics, you will soon be able to lead short conversations and to write simple texts and understand written Dutch. Experience for yourself how much fun you will have in the Dutch language and you'll find yourself booking a weekend trip to our neighbouring land to give it a go.

Dutch for intermediate speakers

Intermediate Dutch

Do you already speak Dutch, but would now like to expand your vocabulary and understanding of Dutch grammar? Then Intermediate Dutch is the place for you! You'll be surprised at how fascinating Dutch idioms can be and at the other idiosyncrasies the language holds. You will train intensively in the language for everyday and special situations and also learn to express adequately in writing. 

Train Listening & Speaking with a Dutch communication course at IQ

Dutch for Communication

Time to take your Dutch to the next level? Have you long since mastered the basics of Dutch and its grammar rules are no longer foreign? Is your goal to lose the shyness in verbal communication, in order to dive into any conversation openly? Then sign up to engage our qualified instructors in intensive dialogues, lead (group) discussions, and work on your pronunciation under professional guidance.

Learning Dutch for Business

Dutch for Business

Are you frequently in The Netherlands or Flanders on business or do you want to be on an equal footing with your Dutch-speaking business partners? Our Dutch courses teach you the specific vocabulary you'll need on the job so that you can adequately express yourself in the professional world. For example, learn etiquette for phone conversations and professional standards for email communications.

Preparation for Dutch language certificates

Certificate Courses

Many students now head to the Netherlands for university. For a successful start to your studies, a perfect preparation for both the language and the study conditions is essential. Not least certificates attesting to a certain language level are expected by foreign universities or employers. In our courses, you can also prepare for specific certification exams so that nothing will stand in your way from studying or working in the Netherlands or Flanders.

This is what distinguishes us

Language certificates

The DSH certificate is an admission requirement for foreign students at many German universities.
The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.
WiDaF logo – German as a foreign language in professional life

Tailor-made Dutch courses at IQ

Rudi Carrell, Frikandellen, Gouda, tulips, clogs and Van Gogh: the Netherlands is known for many things. But the Dutch language is often ignored, even if it is a national language in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of the Caribbean. In Dutch courses at IQ, you will first learn the basics of the Dutch language (Nederlandse taal).

You will learn how to follow and engage in simple conversations. You will also get some insight into the peculiarities of Dutch grammar and turns of phrase. Then in our Intermediate Dutch course you'll expand your vocabulary and what you've already learnt about the grammar. You will become ever more fascinated by the Dutch language and will soon find your way around common everyday situations without any problem. You can then seal the deal with a Dutch for Communication course, where the focus will be first and foremost on speaking the language, with the goal of eliminating your fear of expressing yourself in Dutch. Group discussions will make you more confident and improve your ability to communicate in Dutch.

Dutch is often a requirement on the job. Companies are becoming increasingly international and the Netherlands plays an important role for German business. Dutch for Business teaches you how to express yourself adequately in business and helps you to understand the fine linguistic differences between the everyday language and the language as used in the business environment. In addition, you will learn the manners that are relevant especially when communicating by phone or email. 

The Netherlands are one of the most attractive places to study in all of Europe. The Netherlands is the second most popular destination for German students, attracting 25,000 students each year. Language certificates are often expected for admission to university or to get hired. The experienced instructors of our Dutch courses at IQ will give you the ideal preparation for the Dutch language certificates so that you can come one step closer to your dream of studying or working in a Dutch-speaking country. You can start your Dutch lessons at any time without any registration fee required. We supply all of the required materials for your Dutchcourse. Sign up for a Dutch course at IQ today or contact us for a free trial lesson!