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Do you live in Austria and would you like to learn English or improve your language skills, but don't know where to start? Why not take an English course at IQ! Whatever your level of proficiency, our customised English courses for beginners, intermediate and more advanced learners provide optimal training in this important foreign language.

Lessons can take place online from the comfort of your home.

All English courses at a glance

English language courses for beginners

If you haven't had much contact with the English language before, an English course for beginners at IQ is just the right thing for you. You'll learn to understand what other people are saying and make your own first attempts at conversation – it's easier than you think! Our beginners' English courses are ideal preparation for dealing with everyday situations.

English for intermediate learners

Our English courses for intermediate and more advanced learners are aimed at anybody who already has some previous knowledge of the language and wants to freshen up and improve their skills. After completing the English course, you won't have any trouble making conversation in English-speaking countries or talking to your English-speaking fellow Austrians. Our intermediate and advanced English courses will also help you improve your understanding of more complicated texts.

Business English courses

In Austria today, the world of work often calls for specific English skills. Our language courses in business English will help you make a professional impression when you need to write and speak English in the workplace. This course pays particular attention to highlighting the differences between everyday spoken English and English for the business world.

Language courses in English for communication and conversation

In IQ's English for Communication courses, you'll expand your vocabulary, learn important idioms and practise speaking and listening. More complex conversations are also part of the curriculum. In future, going to an English pub or hosting English-speaking business partners won't be a problem for you any more!

English certificate courses

The English certificate courses at IQ in Austria are aimed at anybody who needs proof of their English skills for their studies or a job. Whether you're goal is a TOEFL or TOEIC, we'll provide the personalised preparation you need for your exam. The exams themselves take place on fixed dates at test centres specified by the organisations awarding the certificates.

Goal-oriented English courses for global communication

English is a world language that's vital for anybody who wants to communicate easily abroad – and not just in English-speaking countries. In many areas of Austrian life, a certain grasp of the language is taken for granted and is widely regarded as a must. Anybody who doesn't feel confident about their English soon runs into language barriers, which then give rise to insecurities and inhibitions. IQ's English courses will help you build on and improve your skills so that you no longer feel uncomfortable about speaking the language. The lessons are adapted to your individual needs and preferences. You might want to take an intensive English course, for example, or English evening classes. Whatever course you choose, you can be sure it will be perfectly tailored to your requirements. Arrange for a personal consultation today!

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Online courses from IQ – Here’s how it works

All lessons can also be held online, so you can easly learn from the comfort of your home.

The video gives you an initial impression of how our interactive platform works and explains step-by-step just how simple and convenient it is to for you to access our online language courses. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Login via a link that takes you straight to us
  2. System check
  3. Welcome from the instructors
  4. Use of the complete online tool

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Language certificates

TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.
WiDaF logo – German as a foreign language in professional life