Your tailor-made French course at IQ

French is a world language, spoken by over 220 million people worldwide. And not just in France, but also in Switzerland, Belgium, Haiti, and many African countries. An IQ French course is also an effective way to learn the language: in small groups and a pleasant learning atmosphere.

French courses for every need

Learning French for beginners

French for Beginners

You find the French language with its melodious sounds fascinating, but you're to scared to deep-dive into it out of fear it might be too complex? An entry-level French course at IQ will help you set aside your inhibitions quickly. Even if you have no or very little knowledge of French, you will soon be able to engage in simple conversations and understand short texts, such as menus. The French course for beginners is the perfect preparation for a holiday in the French-speaking countries.

Learning French for intermediate speakers

Intermediate French

Have you cleared the first hurdle and already acquired a basic knowledge of French, but still often feel insecure and a little rusty when you have to rely on it? Then Intermediate French is perfect for you. Here you'll refresh your existing knowledge and expand it step-by-step so you will always be confident when communicating in French. Role plays and grammar exercises are on the agenda here as well as information about the French-speaking countries and peoples. You'll not only learn the French language, but also some of French culture in order to be able to emerse yourself fully into the French lifestyle someday.

Train Listening & Speaking with a French communication course

French for Communication

The French for Communication course takes you beyond the basics of the French language. Your language skills are still more theoretical and you find it hard to find your way into direct conversation? The communication courses at IQ help you building your understanding and participation in conversations and discussions, they work on systematically expanding your vocabulary, and learning important idioms. Want to feel like a native sipping coffee in a typical French café or do you want to welcome French-speaking business partners? No longer a problem!

Learning Business French

Business French

An additional foreign language when applying for your job can be beneficial and sometimes even required. But what you learned in school got a bit rusty over time and is not all that useful in the business world? This is where a course in Business French can help. You will be optimally prepared for the written and oral communication with French-speaking business partners and learn how to present yourself confidently in any situation.

Preparation for French language certificates

Certificate Courses

In order to study or work abroad, a language certificate is often required. The certificate courses at IQ are designed to prepare you specifically for the necessary tests. The telc French language certificate is the target of our French courses, designed to build your confidence and have you well-prepared going into the examination. 

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Language certificates

The DSH certificate is an admission requirement for foreign students at many German universities.
The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.
WiDaF serves as a proof for German language skills in economic sectors.

Learning French made easy - with a French course from IQ

Is your French limited to a "Bonjour" and a "baguette"? Or do you already have a bit of the language under your belt, but still feel insecure in direct conversation? Then you should give a French course at IQ a try! Here you will learn to speak the language, no matter whether you want to learn French for business, to prepare for an examination, or just want to understand more on your next holiday

In order for you to reach your set goals, our French courses are taught by instructors with excellent language skills and many years of experience. Small learning groups also ensure that the French course optimally matches individual needs and requirements. Any more questions? Your language trainer will be glad to assist and will address questions during your lessons. With a custom-made French course from IQ, you'll learn exactly what you want to learn and have fun while pursuing your goals. And you don't need to worry about teaching materials or textbooks. With our French courses, we offer a complete package and provide you with everything you need to learn French or refresh your existing skills. Learning French could hardly be any more stress-free.

French is not just a language, but also a way of life. With a French course from IQ, you will soon become confidence and order a "pain au chocolat" and a "café au lait" without a second thought and be able to ask for directions along the Champs Élysées or on holiday in the Provence. And you won't need to worry in advance of any business meetings to be held in French, because you will have trained both your ability to understand and participate actively in discussions. In addition, our French courses cover essential phrases to help you communicate in every situation.

Interested in a French course at IQ ? Our instructors look forward to showing how to interact effectively and just how much fun you can have learning French.