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There are more than 220 million French-speakers in the world. French is the native language not just in France but in Switzerland, Belgium, Haiti and many African countries as well. With an IQ French course, you can become proficient in this important language too – regardless of whether you want to polish up your French for your job, in preparation for an exam or simply for your next holiday.

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All French courses at a glance

French for beginners

In our French for Beginners course, we’ll introduce you to the language step by step. Even if have you have very little or no knowledge of French, you'll soon learn to take part in simple conversations and understand brief texts – the ideal way to prepare for a holiday in a French-speaking country!

French for intermediate learners

If you already have a basic knowledge of the language, our French course for intermediate learners is the ideal choice for you. Freshen up your knowledge and build on your existing skills so that you feel more confident about communicating in French. Besides language training and grammar exercises, the course also provides information about the country and its people.

French for business

It's not unusual to need a second foreign language in the modern workplace. But the French you learned at school may well be rusty and of limited use in work-related situations. A course in business French is the ideal way to improve your written and verbal communication skills in preparation for dealing with French-speaking business partners.

French for communication and conversation

With our French communication course, you'll improve your knowledge of the French language well beyond the basics. In this special French course, you'll focus on learning to understand and participate in conversations and discussions, expand your vocabulary and learn important idioms.

French certificate courses

A language certificate is often a prerequisite for studying or working abroad. That's why certificate courses at IQ in Austria are designed to prepare you specifically for the required exams. In particular, the telc language certificate in French is factored into our French courses so that you'll go into your exam feeling self-confident and optimally prepared.



One French course, lots of possibilities

To help you reach the goals you've set yourself as effectively as possible, the instructors we provide for our French courses have excellent language skills and many years of experience. Thanks to our small learning groups, we ensure that the French course is optimally tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Whether you want to learn French for your job, would prefer to take an intensive French course or decide a French evening class is right for you, with a customised language course at IQ you can count on accomplishing precisely what you set out to achieve. If you're interested in a French course at IQ, our instructors would be delighted to show you how learning a foreign language in one of our French courses can be an interactive, effective and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Arrange for a personal consultation today!

"Stay at home" and learn online with IQ!

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