German courses tailored to your needs

Whether you already have previous knowledge of German or not, IQ offers the perfect German course for any level. Learn German in a relaxed atmosphere from experienced instructors. See for yourself by choosing from our wide range of German courses!

German courses for every need

Everyday German

The path to good German, step-by-step: whether you already know a little German or you've had little contact with it to date, you're welcome in our Everyday German course! Learn the basics of the German language and get to know the country and culture better from our experienced instructors. Our Everyday German course is a step-by-step introduction to the German language. Participants who already have German language skills will systematically build on what they know and practise their new skills in typical, everyday situations. This course will help make everyday life in a German speaking environment not quite as challenging!

Learning German as a foreign language for academic studies

German for students

You will find effective and thorough preparation courses especially for students that will enable you to pass the examination of DSH, TestDaF, telc and onDaF easily. Did you know that it is now possible to proof your German skills sufficiently with a telc C1 certificate to gain access to a German university? Let IQ help you to create a solid basis for your studies in Germany. Experienced and qualified teachers will enhance and hone your reading and listening skills as well as your oral and writing proficiency. We encourage you to speak freely right from the beginning  of your training program what will lead you to a high communication level very quickly. With IQ you will pass your certification well prepared and confident.

Learning German as a foreign language in business

German for Business

A solid knowledge of German is important for your career in the world of German business. Learn the specific terminology used every day in German workplaces. Practise everyday work situations like handling phone calls and emails and join in discussions and appraisals with a relaxed confidence. In our courses, you can also prepare for specific certification exams such as the telc exam for medical professionals. Convince your future employer of your communication skills and increase your chances on the job market!

Train Speaking & Listening with a communication course at IQ

German - Communication course

Talk and discuss in German - this will be no problem with a communication course at IQ. Enhance your vocabulary systematically and train your speaking and listening skills. Our experienced and qualified trainers will enable you communicate confidently and eloquently. 

Learning German for beginners

German for Beginners

If you don't have any previous knowledge of German, then German for Beginners is the perfect choice. You will be introduced to the language step-by-step, learning how to understand and speak the spoken language and how to read and write the language (and the Latin alphabet as needed). You'll also become familiar with everyday life and culture of your German speaking environment. German-language skills are indispensable to participating fully in social life. And not just at the shops, government offices, or during your free time. Your children will need to know German to do well in school, too. We at IQ help you get a quick footing in the German language.

German as a foreign language on intermediate level

Intermediate German

Do you already know the basics of the German language? Then visit our Intermediate German course for an all-round expansion to your skills. Learn how to read and to understand difficult texts, become familiar with German idioms and turns of phrase, and dig in deeper to those pesky grammar rules and pitfalls of German. Think of this as a wellness treatment for your German language skills: you'll come away being able to engage fluently in conversations and understand written German more easily.

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Language certificates

The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.

German courses that take you to the next level

If you would like to settle in a German speaking country, you're going to need a good knowledge of German. Most jobs or university placements require adequate German language skills. But knowing German can make everyday life easier. No matter where you plan on using your German: German courses at IQ offer the best preparation available. We offer all levels of instruction and have the right German course for whatever your goal, whether you're learning German for a university or to use it on the job, you want to improve overall fluency and confidence, or you just need enough German to get by on a day-to-day basis.

A Varied Programme of German Courses

IQ helps you to master common everyday and professional situations in German. We practice real-life speaking situations that will motivate you to give it a try and our valuable grammar lessons help you gain a more solid foothold in the language step-by-step. IQ's German courses focus on important everyday vocabulary and help you understand the grammar for the long term. As you move through the levels, you'll learn more about German idioms, convoluted word order, and other linguistic stumbling blocks. If your main focus is on speaking German, our German for Communication courses are the right fit. Guided dialogues, discussions, and (group) conversations are the main priority in these German courses. We also offer special German courses to prepare for different language certificates. Our German courses for students are the perfect preparation for the DSH, TestAS and onDaF certification exams so that you can prove your solid knowledge of German before enrolling at a German university. German for Business courses prepare you for certification exams in professional German such as the telc for healthcare professions. Well-prepared teaching materials, useful exercises and varied content make our German courses particularly effective. Why not experience for yourself just how much fun a German course at IQ can be!

German courses with a special atmosphere

Because we keep our class sizes to a maximum of 8 participants, you are guaranteed individual attention from the instruction in a friendly environment. We will be glad to consult with you at one of our locations and help you find the perfect German course for your needs. Our experienced instructors will provide you with competent advice about every aspect of our German courses. Just come by or give us a call! Soon German will no longer be a foreign language for you, because IQ makes learning German fun. Come see for yourself!