Italian courses for your individual goals

An IQ Italian course is a great way to learn the language or expand your existing skills in small groups and a pleasant learning atmosphere. IQ offers Italian lessons to everyone, from beginners without any knowledge  of Italian to those who are almost fluent and just need to polish things up a bit. Start your lessons at any time! To facilitate effective learning, we provide all the necessary course materials.

Italian courses for every need

Learning Italian for beginners

Italian for Beginners

In our Italian course for beginners, you will learn the basics of the Italian language. You'll learn how to carry on simple conversations and handle topics that happen everyday, like work or shopping. Italian for Beginners at IQ is the perfect preparation for your next trip to Italy. 

Learning Italian for intermediate speakers

Intermediate Italian

Do you already know the basics of Italian, either from our Italian for Beginners course or somewhere else? Then visit our Intermediate Italian course to take what you already know and expand on it. Our Intermediate Italian course builds on your existing knowledge so comprehensively that you should be able to handle most situations in Italian and even converse with the locals.

Train Listening & Speaking in an Italian communication course at IQ

Italian for Communication

Do you already speak Italian, but would like to expand your vocabulary and give your Italian a final finishing touch? The communication courses at IQ give you the chance to further expand your understanding of the language and learn key idioms. It will become easier for you to follow conversations and discussions and contribute your own opinion in lively debates. With Italian for Communication under your belt, you'll no longer have any problem exploring the backroads of Italy or engaging in fascinating conversations over a bottle of wine.

Learning Italian for business

Italian for Business

Solid language skills are the foundation for successful negotiations and communication in business. An additional foreign language when applying for your job can be beneficial and sometimes even required. With an IQ Italian course, you will learn how to communicate in proper Italian, whether by email or by telephone. You'll also learn those particularities you need to be successful working and conducting business in Italian and put them to practise in small groups.

Preparation for Italian language certificates

Certificate Courses

Language certificates are neutral documentation of your skill in a foreign language and are often required in order to study or work abroad. We also offer certificate courses in Italian. A certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is awarded after each of our language courses and we also prepare you to sit for the telc certificate in Italian. Our experienced instructors ensure you get the best preparation for the certification exam. 

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Language certificates

The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.

Italian courses in small groups

We place great emphasis on the individual needs of our students taking Italian lessons with us. For this reason, our courses have a maximum of 8 participants. By dividing the Italian course into different levels, we also have the ability to respond more specifically to each student's requirements and needs. We offer Italian courses for beginners, for those who have some skills already, for business, communication, and in preparation for certificate exams. You, thus, have the chance to get your feet wet in an Italian course for beginners and, once you catch the bug, expand this knowledge with further courses. Start with simple conversations from everyday life, such as a shopping situation, and build your language skills further as you progress.

Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans and also has many business relationships with German companies. It can be worthwhile both personally and professionally to learn Italian. IQ offers a wide range of courses to choose from: learn the basics of the Italian language in an Italian course for beginners or expand on your existing skills in one of our advanced courses. We also offer special Italian courses for business and communication courses. Our Italian courses always take place in small groups to ensure a pleasant learning environment and effective learning. In our Italian courses, you will receive individual support and also learn how much fun it can be to learn a foreign language. If you would like to learn Italian, the entry to a course is individual. We're flexible.