Italian for beginners

Approximately 65 million people in the world speak Italian as their native language. As well as being spoken in Italy, it is also the official language in the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican. A beginners' Italian course at IQ will teach you the basics of the language so that next time you go to Italy on holiday, your freshly acquired language skills will give your confidence a boost.

Italian for beginners at IQ

IQ's Italian courses for beginners provide an excellent environment for learning the new language step by step. It's particularly important to us that you feel at home and enjoy taking part in the course. That's why our language teachers adapt their lessons to your individual needs. So whether you opt for one-to-one or group tuition or one-to-one or group lessons, we'll teach you Italian for beginners in a pleasant learning atmosphere and put your language skills on a solid footing.

The Italian language course for beginners at IQ in Austria will teach you the basics of the Italian language. The goal is to be able to take part in simple conversations and deal with the kind of topics you might encounter in an everyday setting. Lots of practical exercises will help you overcome any inhibitions you might have and you'll soon find yourself on the way to success in the new language. You'll learn to deal with situations like ordering a meal in a restaurant, asking for directions or writing a postcard. If you're a newcomer to the language, IQ's Italian course for beginners is the perfect way to prepare for your next trip to Italy.  

Course content

  • Basic vocabulary
  • Use and understand short sentences
  • Cope with everyday situations in Italian
  • All course materials included
  • Qualified language teachers
  • Small groups of max. 10 people

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