Russian courses catering to your needs

The Russian language is one of the world's major languages ​​and is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in all of Europe. Russian is particularly exciting because it not only offers the thrill of a new language, but also a new alphabet. With a Russian course at IQ, you'll learn Russian quickly and with fun. We cater for all learning levels at the perfect price!

Russian courses for every need

Learning Russian for beginners

Russian for Beginners

In our Russian course for beginners, you will learn the basics of the language step-by-step. You will learn to ask questions and hold simple conversations pertaining to everyday topics like family, work, and shopping. You also become familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet and soon be able to read and understand simple sentences. This Russian course is the perfect way for all beginners to get their feet wet and offers the optimal preparation for travel to a Russian-speaking country.

Learning Russian for intermediate speakers

Intermediate Russian

Do you already know the basics of the Russian language and are familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet? Then Intermediate Russian is just right for you! Our Intermediate Russian course builds on your existing knowledge so comprehensively that you should be able to handle most situations in Russian and even converse with the locals without any problem. You will learn the basics of making an argument in Russian and will soon be able to explain your own opinion in Russian. In addition, you will acquire the ability to read and understand complex texts published in the Cyrillic alphabet such as newspaper articles. 

Train Listening & Speaking with a Russian communication course at IQ

Russian for Communication

Actively participate in conversations and discussions, get involved in many a lively debate, or travel to Russian relying on your own wits and skill: no problem with Russian for Communication from IQ. Systematically expand your vocabulary, learn the most important turns of phrase, and practise fluent speaking and listening. Our Russian for Communication course helps give a polishing touch to your Russian! 

Learning Russian for Business

Russian for Business

Now that Russia has entered the global marketplace, having knowledge of Russian is a major advantage in many companies around the world. Russian for Business focuses on the how the language is spoken and written in the business world, including specific jargon, whether communicating via email or telephone or at meetings and business presentations. Russian for Business guarantees you'll make a convincing impression with your business partners.   

Preparation for Russian language certificates

Certificate Courses

If you'd like to live, work, or study in Russia, you will have to prove your language skills time and again. We recommend sitting for the telc certificate, an internationally recognised proof of your language skills for which you can prepare quickly and easily in a language course at IQ. We cover the key content needed to pass the exam so that you can sit the test for the telc certificate in Russian feeling well-prepared and calm. 

Russian: a world language of great importance

The Russian language is gaining in importance around the world. Russia is not only an important economic partner for international companies, but it is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination. Many people in Europe and Asia speak Russian and a knowing Russian can open up many advantages and new opportunities in your business and social life. At first glance, a Russian course may appear very difficult, because you not only have a new language to learn, but also a new alphabet. But you'll soon find out that the opposite is true: the Russian language is very exciting and the alphabet will soon no longer be a challenge. You'll even catch onto the grammar quickly!

Russian courses for every learning type

 In our Russian course for beginners, you will learn the basics of the language step-by-step including the Cyrillic alphabet so that you can hold simple, everyday conversations and be able to understand short texts. You'll then want to continue your studies without Intermediate Russian course where you take what you already know and expand on it. Our Russian for Communication course works specifically on engaging fluently in conversation. You'll expand your vocabulary, learn even more Russian turns of phrase, and add the finishing touch to your ever-growing skills in Russian. A certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is awarded after each of our Russian courses. IQ also offers Russian for Business as optimal preparation for the telc certificate so that you can stand out in your professional life with your language skills and make an even better impression. The telc certificate is accepted internationally as proof of your language skills! In brief: we have exactly the right Russian course for your learning level and your goals.  

Russian courses that are fun

Each Russian course at IQ has a pleasant atmosphere perfect for learning. Our courses are always in small groups so that we can guarantee your particular needs are met. Our qualified and experienced instructors teach every Russian course in modern classrooms and work with you individually to help your personal learning progress and your individual needs. This guarantees that learning Russian will be fun. Effective language learning that makes you happy is our focus, and all without any registration fees. We also supply all of the required materials for your Russian course. Convince yourself of the quality of our courses by taking a free trial lesson at any of our locations. Our knowledgeable staff are also on hand to help you find the right Russian course. Whether you want to learn Russian for professional or personal reasons: IQ is the right place for adult learning. You will find us at several locations in Germany.

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