Spanish courses for all levels of proficiency

Whether you're a beginner learning the language for a holiday or a more advanced learner who needs Spanish for professional reasons, IQ's Spanish courses will teach you the language skills you need. In our customised adult learning courses, we attach great importance to teaching in small groups because this enables us to give participants individual attention. We also offer one-to-one lessons for a totally personalised language course. All the course materials you need will be provided.

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All Spanish courses at a glance

Spanish language courses for beginners

In our beginners' Spanish course you'll learn to follow dialogue, ask questions and take part in simple conversations about everyday life. After completing this Spanish course, you won't have any problems communicating in simple sentences or reading menus while travelling in Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish training for intermediate learners

If you've already mastered the basics of Spanish and don't have any problem taking part in simple conversations, our intermediate Spanish course is the ideal way to build on your language skills. With IQ, you can improve your knowledge of Spanish in small, individual groups or one-to-one lessons.

Spanish for business

IQ's business Spanish course will teach you the special kind of language used in work-related and business settings. Sound Spanish skills lay the foundations for communicating and negotiating confidently and successfully in the workplace. Besides learning special terminology, you'll also explore the subtle differences between the everyday language and the kind of Spanish spoken in the business world.

Spanish courses for communication and conversation

In IQ's Spanish communication course, you'll expand your vocabulary, fine-tune your Spanish skills and get the Spanish training you need to speak the language with confidence. You'll also learn Spanish idioms and be able to follow conversations and discussions with ease.

International understanding thanks to Spanish training

Spanish is one of the world's most commonly spoken languages. More than 400 million people speak Spanish. It's the official language in more than 20 countries, as well as a working language of the UNO, the EU and other organisations. Considering the many Austrian businesses that have close ties with Spanish-speaking countries, a Spanish course can definitely be an advantage in professional life. But there are plenty of personal reasons for taking a Spanish course too – your newly acquired language skills are a great way to make an impression on your next holiday, for instance. Whether you want to take an intensive Spanish course, Spanish evening classes or your first-ever Spanish lessons, IQ offers Spanish tuition for beginners as well as courses for intermediate and more advanced learners who have already acquired some knowledge of the language. And because our language courses have a maximum of 10 participants, effective learning and individual support from dedicated instructors are guaranteed. Why not check out the quality of our Spanish courses for yourself and arrange a free consultation.

"Stay at home" and learn online with IQ!

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