Spanish Course for Beginners and Intermediate Learners

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. A Spanish course thus offers numerous personal and professional advantages. Learn Spanish and dazzle your hosts or travelling companions on your next holiday. The Spanish course at IQ is aimed at both beginners and intermediate learners seeking to give a finishing touch to their Spanish.

Spanish courses for every need

Spanisch lernen für Einsteiger

Spanish for Beginners

In our Spanish course for beginners, you'll learn how to follow conversations, ask questions, and engage in simple conversations pertaining to everyday life. Master everyday situations such as asking for directions. No previous knowledge of Spanish necessary. Writing simple emails or reading menus in a Spanish-speaking country is no longer a problem after attending our Spanish course.

Learning Spanish for intermediate speakers

Intermediate Spanish

Have you mastered the basics of Spanish and can manage simple conversations? Then Intermediate Spanish is the right course for expanding on your existing skill set. Refine your Spanish skills in small groups or individual lessons at IQ. Learn to understand complex texts, such as articles from newspapers, and feel confident conversing with locals.

Train Listening & Speaking with a Spanish communication course at IQ

Spanish for Communication

The Spanish for Communication course at IQ expands your vocabulary and helps refine your existing Spanish skills. The course will give the training needed to be confident and secure communicating in Spanish. Learn Spanish idioms or perform lively conversations in an Andalusian street café. It will gradually become easier for you to follow conversations and discussions and contribute your own opinion.

Learning Spanish for business

Spanish for Business

IQ's course in Spanish for Business focuses on those particularities you need to be successful working and conducting business in Spanish. Whether communicating via email or telephone, solid Spanish skills lay the foundation for confident, successful communication. The focus in this course is on specific turns of phrase and the fine differences between everyday, spoken Spanish and the Spanish of the business world. You'll always make a professional impression whenever it matters.

Preparation for Spanish language certificates

Certificate Courses

In order to study or work abroad, a language certificate is often required. The IQ Spanish courses deliver the perfect preparation for these exams. Through special exercises and training, this course prepares you to sit and pass the telc Spanish-language certificate. A certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is awarded after each of our language courses. 

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Language certificates

The DSH certificate is an admission requirement for foreign students at many German universities.
The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.
WiDaF serves as a proof for German language skills in economic sectors.

Spanish courses for all levels

The Spanish courses at IQ teach you every aspect of the language, from just enough for your first holiday to advanced Spanish for your career. You can join an IQ course at any time. We offer customised adult education in small groups to respond to each student's needs and goals. Of course, individual instruction is also always an option. We supply all of the required materials for your Spanish course. A certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is awarded after each of our language courses and we also prepare you to sit for the telc certificate. 

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. More than 400 million people speak Spanish around the world. It is an official language in over 20 countries and a working language of the UN, the EU, and other international organisations. A Spanish course can pay off professionally, especially as business relationships with Spanish-speaking countries continue to expand. Or just learn Spanish out of personal interest, and prepare yourself to dazzle your hosts and travelling companions on your next holiday.

IQ offers Spanish lessons to everyone, from beginners without a word of Spanish under their belts to those who are almost fluent and just need to polish things up a bit. You can also visit our communication courses to improve your communication skills or our business Spanish courses, specifically aimed at using Spanish at the workplace. A certificate is awarded at the end of each of our courses so that you can prove the language skills you've acquired. At IQ, you'll learn Spanish effectively in a close-knit environment with individual attention from dedicated faculty. No more than 8 participants in any course--guaranteed! Though, we do not have any minimum number of participants, either, because IQ is always glad to offer individual lessons if you need them.