Violetta Bräuninger

Violetta Bräuninger

Location manager IQ Wien 10

Further Education at Vienna 10

At IQ further education professional courses for adult education await you in modern facilities in centre of Vienna. Our courses distinguish from others with a high level of practice and through learning in small groups up to a maximum of 8 participants - this way the practical training of the languages can be in the focus of the course, which is an important aspect when learning a new language. Thatway, inhibitions to use the newly gained knowledge in real life will not arise. Our experienced tutors will consider your personal speed of studying and will effectively guide you to reach your personal goal.

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Our courses at IQ Vienna 10

At Vienna Favoriten we offer you courses for various languages like German, English, French, Spanish and Italian - and you can choose from the differnet levels and pick the one that fits you best. In our literacy classes tutors guide you through reading and writing of the German language. You can pursue language certification courses for German and Englisch. Further we offer corporate and employee trainings and our instructors can come on-site to train your employees - we are happy to individually consult with you on this matter.

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We offer flexible training  for further education especially for companies in Vienna 10: customized course content, structure, and schedules to fit the needs of your company.

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Our prices are as individual as your expectations: Course fees depend on the course intensity you would like to pursue - we offer a variety of models for single, group, or corporate trainings, so you can pick which ever fits you best. All pricing models will be absolutly transparent.

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German as a foreign language at IQ Vienna Favoriten

An important step for orientation in a foreign country is learning its language: Being able to speak the language lets you communicate with other people more easily and can help you to get along in an every day environment, e.g. when purchasing at a backery or when going to the city hall and offices by yourself - being able to speak the language, overall helps you to understand the country's culture even better. We help you learn German as a foreign language - no matter which level you wish to pursue. From literacy classes to language certificate courses - we offer you the perfect program for you.