TOEIC – International Certificate for Business English

The TOEIC (TOEIC) is an internationally recognized language test which proves language skills in vocational  English. It is a standard measure of workplace English language proficiency. IQ offers you courses for optimal TOEIC preparation and expands your English business vocabulary.

Intensive TOEIC preparation with IQ

Preparation for the TOEIC certificate at IQ

TOEIC preparation

In our certificate course for TOEIC preparation you will train your listening and reading comprehension with experienced instructors and will be specifically prepared for the examination content. You will also improve your oral and writing skills - presentations or correspondence in professional life will no longer be a problem for you after our intensive TOEIC preparation. You will enhance your professional business English vocabulary and practice your grammar. The preparation course at IQ lays the foundation for successful professional life in English-speaking countries.

Get off to a flying start with TOEIC - Career Business English

English is the world language and is thus indispensable in today's economy. TOEIC offers significant advantages if you want to work in an English-speaking company. The test is recognized worldwide, and many large, international corporations and companies rely on the TOEIC when it comes to assessing their employees' business English. It also is one of the few English certificates where results can be classified in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The main difference from the TOEFL certificate is that the latter qualifies more for academia, while the TOEIC specifically certifies professional English. By obtaining the TOEIC you considerably increase your chances on the job market. Extensive TOEIC preparation is therefore essential.

TOEIC preparation that is tailored to your needs 

With IQ we offer a TOEIC preparation that will allow you to enter your exam optimally and intenively prepared. The Business English Certificate is divided into two independent tests: Listening & Reading and Speaking & Writing. Of course both tests can be combined, so that you can demonstrate your skills in all areas. The experienced TOEIC preparation instructors will guide you specifically through the TOEIC exam contents and support you in practising your English reading and listening skills. You also improve your oral and writing skills step by step. We guarantee exceptional quality during TOEIC preparation with small classes: The instructors will always focus on your skill level and your personal desires, and you will learn in a pleasant atmosphere in our modern classrooms. You will enhance your professional business English vocabulary and practice it for optimum TOEIC preparation in the everyday situations of professional life, such as in telephone conversations, meetings, and other correspondence. Get a flying start in your professional life - after the TOEIC preparation at IQ Business English will be a breeze for you!

IQ: your contact for TOEIC Preparation 

IQ definitly is the right place for your TOEIC Preparation. We have a broad portfolio of language and certificate courses for adult education. The instructors for your TOEIC preparation courses offer you a profound expansion of your present language skills, and convey everything that is relevant for the exam in an atmosphere that makes learning fun. You're not entirely convinced yet? Stop by our TOEIC preparation location and receive personal consultation from our experts. Do you have questions regarding TOEIC preparation? Feel free to call us. Our main focus is on your individual wishes and questions regarding TOEIC preparation!