The WiDaF certificate: German as a foreign language in the workplace

The WiDaF certificate (German as a foreign language in business) provides proof of your knowledge of German in workplace situations. If you’re a non-native speaker of German, an officially recognised WiDaF certificate will greatly enhance your career prospects. As a licensed WiDaF partner, IQ offers certificate courses to prepare for the WiDaF test and is also a test centre for the actual WiDaf exam.

Perfectly prepared for the WiDaF exam – with IQ

Preparation for the WiDaF exam with an intensive certificate course at IQ

In our WiDaF preparation courses, our experienced instructors will help you steadily improve your vocabulary and your reading and listening comprehension. You’ll focus on business-specific vocabulary, and practise how to use it in typical workplace situations and business correspondence. And by the way: we offer various scheduling options so that you can time the course to suit your daily routine. After the preparatory course, you can enjoy the WiDaF exam.

The WiDaf certificate in German for business

The WiDaF certificate (German as a foreign language in business) was developed in 1996 by the German-French Chamber of Industry and Commerce to provide a standardised test of German language skills for the workplace. The WiDaF test therefore provides companies with a reliable tool for assessing the German language skills of their foreign employees and job applicants. WiDaF is an ideal way to prove your language proficiency in the job market. Besides enabling you to show potential employers that you can cope with business negotiations, correspondence and many other typical workday situations in German-speaking countries, it will also improve your job market prospects.

The benefits of the WiDaF certificate at a glance:


  • Internationally recognised language certificate
  • Proficiency levels A1-C2 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Assesses grammar, business vocabulary, listening and reading skills
  • Objective measurement of work-related German skills
  • Certified language skills improve your chances on the job market


Optimal preparation with a WiDaF certificate course at IQ

As a licensed WiDaF partner, IQ knows how to optimally prepare you for the exam. In our courses, you’ll acquire the specific language skills you need for the WiDaF exam. You’ll systematically expand your German vocabulary and improve your reading and listening comprehension step by step. We understand the importance of individual attention and a pleasant learning atmosphere, and because we limit the number of course participants to eight , our experienced instructors are able to adapt their teaching strategies to suit each student’s skill level and preferences. On request, we can also offer intensive one-to-one tuition. You can begin a course at any time – so why not start preparing for your WiDaF certificate today!

Our WiDaF certificate courses are very low priced. All the necessary course materials are included in our prices and we don’t charge a registration fee – so you can be sure there won’t be any additional costs! If you have any questions, just visit your nearest IQ location in Vienna, St. Pölten or Mödling for a free personal consultation with our experienced staff.


The WiDaF tests

  • WiDaF Basic (A1-B1): this test is suitable for candidates with basic skills. It covers grammar, business vocabulary and reading and listening comprehension on the basis of a multiple choice test. The difficulty of the questions ranges from level A1 to B1 (CEFR). Candidates have 60 minutes in which to complete the test.
  • WiDaF (A2-C2): this test also covers grammar, business vocabulary and reading and listening comprehension, but at a higher level of proficiency and is therefore suitable for candidates with an advanced knowledge of German. The WiDaF test comprises a total of 150 multiple-choice questions covering the various language skills needed to function effectively in the workplace in a German-speaking country. The difficulty of the questions ranges from level A2 to C2 (CEFR). Candidates are allowed 150 minutes for the exam.


Sit the WiDaF exam – at an IQ location near you!

IQ is a licensed WiDaF exam centre – so you can sit the test with us as soon as you’ve completed your WiDaF preparatory course. The WiDaF exam is open to all non-native speakers of German who would like to prove their workplace language skills. Our team would be delighted to schedule a free consultation for you – so if you’re interested in taking the WiDaF test or have any questions about our courses, just get in touch with us!



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