Adult education at IQ – welcome!

As long as the list of personal reasons for further education, as present is the unity in on aspect: Everyone wishes to learn in an up-to-date and pleaseant manner. That's what IQ stands for. Welcome!

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We support you on an individual basis

Whether it's an intensive course, or courses running for 3, 6, 12, or 18 month, or even an inividual singleperson coaching - we get you fit! Whatever drives you - we invite you to grow your knowledge with us in an inspiring learning atmosphere.

Common IQ location

Only implementation of integration and German remedial courses

2340 Mödling

         3100 St. Pölten     

         1100 Vienna    

         1210 Vienna    

         1220 Vienna



13597 Berlin-Spandau                       18055 Rostock

          99187 Eisenach                             63450 Hanau   

          55116 Mainz                                   64283 Darmstadt                               

          70736 Fellbach                                  20249Hamburg-Eppendorf           

         81675 Munich-Bogenhausen

          60594 Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

         92224 Amberg

Duisburg-Hamborn                       Berlin-Pankow

       Heilbronn                                      Berlin-Tempelhof   


Individual adult education - learn effectively with IQ

"Life-long learning" - with IQ Adult Education this is no longer just an empty phrase! With our numerous courses you can further educate yourself effectively and intensively, no matter what level of knowledge you started out with. There is a wide selection of courses available at all our sites. Attend our Adult Education courses for the languages English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese or Dutch. You can also choose from German language and literacy courses. We offer tailor-made corporate training for employees and trainees for companies.

Customised adult education –  find the perfect course for you

You always wanted to learn Italian, but have so far no experience with the language? Or you want to go to Spain on your next holiday, but the language skills you gained at school got very rusty over time? No problem with IQ Adult Education! Our courses are so flexible that we can respond individually to your level of knowledge. The small group size contributes to all this: An adult education course with us has a maximum of 8 participants.
With IQ you find the perfect course for every language level. At all of our locations we offer courses for beginners and advanced students as well as communication courses. You wish to appear more confident in professional communication in a foreign language or need to acquire a language certificate for a job or study? Here too, we have the perfect solution! Simply select one of our many adult education courses. Regardless of which type of course you choose, our experienced instructors will gladly address your questions and wishes at any time and integrate them individually into the lesson. We can hardly make adult education more flexible!

Your complete Adult Education package by IQ

Thanks to IQ Adult Education you can fully concentrate on your training. All documents and materials that you need for your course will be provided to you by us and don't have to be obtained separately. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere in our modern facilities also contributes to an optimal learning environment. You can start your adult education course at any time without having to meet a certain starting date or time. Upon completion of all our adult education courses you will receive a certificate in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference, which confirms your participation in the course. You can use it to make a good impression in front of a potential employer, especially in an interview.
You are keen to further educate yourself but are still unsure whether IQ adult education is the right thing for you? Simply call us or come directly to our nearest location  – we are happy to advise you on the topic of adult education! We are looking forward to seeing you!