Wide range of certificate courses at IQ

Are you looking for a way of preparing successfully for your impending language exam in Austria? Then you've come to the right place. Our range of courses includes special courses that have been designed to coach you in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in preparation for your next certificate exam. For your studies or for the workplace, we'll find the right course for you. Just get in touch – our experienced staff would be pleased to advise you.

The range of certificate preperation courses available from IQ in Austria includes TOEIC and TOEFL courses. Check out the links below for more detailed information on the individual courses and their content   

Common IQ location

Only implementation of integration courses

2340 Mödling

         3100 St. Pölten     

         1100 Vienna    

         1210 Vienna    

         1220 Vienna



13597 Berlin-Spandau                       18055 Rostock

          50181 Bedburg                             99187 Eisenach 

          55116 Mainz                                  63450 Hanau                                      

          70736 Fellbach                             64283 Darmstadt


          81675 München-Bogenhausen

          60594 Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

Duisburg-Hamborn                       Berlin-Pankow

       Heilbronn                                      Berlin-Tempelhof